Scientific Advisory Board

Our Vision, utilize the science of Pharma and Biotechnology to become a leader in revolutionizing the treatment of patients with cancer, antigen and immunological disorders.

Mohan Goli, CEO of Saimerak Pharma

Prof. J.R.(Camille) Falck, PhD

Professor & Robert A. Welch Distinguished Chair in Chemistry, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.

He was the first to prepare all four EETs, to identify EETs in human samples, to complete stereoselective chemical syntheses of all primary CYP P450 metabolites, to introduce isozyme selective inhibitors of ω-hydroxylase and epoxygenase, to characterize the EET receptor pharmacologically, and he is one of the foremost experts in the application of synthetic and Medicinal chemistry to eicosanoids, the metabolites of arachidonic acid.

Thirupathi Goli, Vice President & CFO of Saimerak Pharma

Ken Payie, PhD

Business Advisor

Ken has designed and directed drug development programs through outsourcing to Asia, Europe and North American vendors, and dramatically reduced costs to develop assets without compromising Quality.


Dr.Ken has developed a number of large and small molecule CM&C programs in the Candidate Identification to Phase II space for both large pharma and small drug discovery companies.

Mohan Goli, CEO of Saimerak Pharma

Prof. David Krupadanam, PhD

Professor & Dean Chemistry Research Center Osmania University, Hyderabad

Prof. David, work involves discovery and development of new synthetic methods and their application to biologically active systems and new reaction cascade development and their application to the total synthesis of complex natural products. His work has been recognized by 32 major prizes and awards in the top five percent of Professors by UGC over the past 30 years.





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