Molecular Diagnostics

The diagnostics for understanding molecular level accuracy of a disease manifestation through a variety of innovative technologies will be a prioritized research.


The Saimerak Pharma diagnostics state-of-the art technologies provide diagnostic tools that will enhance the medical analyses of the problem accurately and increase the accuracy of treatment.


Our diagnostics will utilize the latest developments across the scientific world in the areas of biology and bioinformatics. We have a vision to impact the diagnostic development for a healthier society.




Latest News & Events

  • March 13-17, 2016 251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, California.
  • August 21-25, 2016 252nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • April 2-6, 2017 253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, California.
  • August 20-24, 2017 254th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC.